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Not Buying It: David Beckham Insists Trick Shot Video Is The Real Deal Holyfield

Yeah, and later monkeys might fly out of my butt. David Beckham claims that the Diet Pepsi video shoot which purportedly shows the Los Angeles Galaxy star kicking three soccer balls into garbage cans from an unbelievable distance is real and no editing or Hollywood magic were used. Pshaw. I’m more inclined to believe that unnaturally-rounded, gravity-defying orbs generally referred to as Victoria Beckham’s boobs are on the up-and-up. Heh. Up.

Via the Toronto Star:

“Of course,” the English midfielder told reporters at the club’s hotel. “I spent five or six hours on the beach so I had a lot of time to practise.”

The 69-second video, which had received more than 1.3 million hits between Thursday when it was uploaded on YouTube by Pepsi and Tuesday afternoon, shows Beckham juggling a soccer ball with his feet while holding a can of the soft drink. He’s then asked by the cameraperson if he can hit three garbage cans down towards the ocean with three balls, which are tossed into the shot.

Beckham, clad in khaki shorts and a button-down white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, said hitting all three is “even easier” than one. Then, after setting down the pop can in the sand — its label facing the camera — he drills all three balls into the garbage cans while the cameraperson cheers wildly.

Task completed, Beckham walks back towards the camera with a big smile, a what-did-you-expect hand gesture and says: “Told you.”

Yeah, whatever. What a load of B.S. But I guess the entire point of the “real” video was to garner attention and to insist that it’s real only furthers the publicity already generated for Diet Pepsi and Beckham. And I’m writing something about it. What a stooge I am, helping further propagate a lie perpetrated on people who will believe anything they see on the internet. Damn you, Diet Pepsi! I’m not going to be played like this ever again.

What’s that? There’s supposedly a video making the rounds of Cam Newton throwing a football four miles? Now that I gotta see!

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