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Josh Hamilton Insists On Remaining A Brittle-Boned, Finger-Pointing, Whiny Jerk

By now, you have undoubtedly heard about Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton’s unfortunate injury on Tuesday afternoon when he fractured his humerus during a play at the plate during the 1st inning of the team’s game against the Detroit Tigers. And I am even more certain you have heard about the ├╝berdouchetastic manner in which Hamilton played the blame game regarding the injury, throwing Rangers third base coach, Dave Anderson, under the bus for sending him home on the play.

Somewhat understandable, I suppose. I mean, the guy is going to be out up from six to eight weeks and it is understandable that he would be frustrated, especially during the heat of the moment. Now, the pros and cons of sending Hamilton home at the particular point in time can certainly be debated (except by Bobby Valentine, he should sit this one out), but the argument can be made that Hamilton was way out of line. Well, one would assume that with a night to think it over, Hamilton would see the error of his ways, regard the injury as just an unfortunate sequence of events and cooler heads would prevail, right? Nope. Not even close.

Hamilton seized the opportunity to lash out at his now in my opinion unfairly beleaguered third base coach during a session with the media earlier today (from Foul Territory, via Daily Pitch):

“Dumb,” Hamilton said Wednesday morning, speaking to news reporters. “People are going to blame who they want to blame. I threw him under the bus by telling the truth about what happened.”

Yikes. Bitter much? Rangers manager Ron Washington countered:

“He’s got a right to feel what he feels,” Rangers manager Ron Washington says, “but I’m certainly not going to blame David. I think Josh has to live with what he said.

“We’re not going to stop playing the game the way we play it. You think Dave is the only one that’s happened to? Hell no. It’s part of the game. We’re not going to make them [the players] little wimps. We lost one. We’re not going to go hide in a hole.”

Uh-oh. Things are certainly escalating, aren’t they? What say you, Josh Hamilton?

“I get hurt making plays and playing the game of baseball,” Hamilton said. “Maybe I should be a wimp. It’s like kicking a dead horse. How else would I play?

I could give to rips how Hamilton should play, but I do believe this: a major league clubhouse is an incredibly fragile place and when a team’s unquestioned alpha male questions and harshly criticizes one of his coaches, it is a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Further, what does Hamilton even achieve out of his little temper tantrum, other than derision and perhaps the label of a spoiled brat, a self-righteous prima donna who would prefer to pass the buck regarding his reputation as a somewhat fragile player prone to freak injuries? For a person who puts on a front as some kind of Born Again Wunderkind who acts so very gracious for the second chance he has been given to go out and take on a holier than thou attitude while blasting a coach for an unfortunate injury, I don’t know, it comes off as profoundly disingenuous and completely hypocritical. As it is often said: Judge not lest ye be judged, Josh Hamilton. Especially when there are a bunch of microphones shoved in your face.

But one good thing can come out of this: old Josh will have plenty of alone time to contemplate what he has said and done while he spends some quiet time down in Arizona rehabbing from his injury. Oh wait. Maybe “alone time” in Arizona is not the best idea. For obvious reasons.

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