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Jon Bon Jovi Has Seen A Million Rugby Fans’ Faces And He’s Rocked Them All

Hoo boy. You know how people always joke about how Eastern European countries are 20 years behind in pop culture trends, as in the hipsters over there are currently wearing acid washed jeans and rocking out to Warrant? Who knew that Australia is just like that? At least that’s the conclusion I arrived at after seeing this video from the National Rugby League’s 2011 ad campaign featuring none other than Jon Bon Jovi performing his soon-to-be Australian smash hit, “This Is Our House.” Rocking. Crap, even Richie Sambora had good enough sense to sit this one out and he’s borderline senile.

No, but seriously, it’s horrible. Crikey.

[H/T Deuce of Davenport]