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I Think What Ozzie Guillen Is Saying Here Is He’s Not A Fan Of Sarcastic Cheering

Chicago White Sox has a bone to pick with the wisenheimers who attended the Sox-Athletics game on Tuesday night who got their jollies from sarcastically cheering every time a member of the White Sox caught a ball. As you may recall, left fielder Juan Pierre dropped a perfectly catchable ball during Monday night’s 2-1 loss to the A’s, his second drop in four games.

While making it abundantly clear that he has no problem with fans making their feelings known through the magic of booing, saying he “would do the same thing.” On the other hand, he has no time whatsoever for those who feel it necessary to bust out the old Bronx Cheer. At least, I think that is what he’s getting at in the following quote (via the Chicago Sun-Times):

“The thing is that bugs me a little bit, you’re booing because we drop the ball, yes, please do. You boo because you make a bad pitch that’s a double, yes. But don’t think this is a little game every time we take fly balls like making fun of the team or embarrassing. Juan Pierre, everyone should be proud if you’re a White Sox fan and you see Juan Pierre play every day. He gives you your money’s worth. This kid plays very, very hard for us. He don’t deserve that. He don’t deserve that.’’


(consults trusty “What In The Hell Is Ozzie Guillen Saying?” Decryption Code Book)

Yep. That’s what he meant.

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