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Al Davis: Still Not Dead (Or Even In The Hospital, For That Matter)

Despite persistent rumors and conjecture which began swirling about the interwebs over the weekend, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis is still alive and well in some kind of intermediary state of being, existing somewhere between life and death and likely continuing to survive solely on stem cell milkshakes, according to a Raiders spokesperson. Okay, I cannot confirm the previous statement regarding Al Davis’ purgatorial life being, but nevertheless, he was never even in the hospital, for the sake of all that is unholy, rife with partially bandaged, oozing sores.

Via CSN California:

“No, he’s not in the hospital,” Raiders Chief Executive Amy Trask told CSN today. “He’s preparing for the draft and he’s working, as always.

“The rumors are untrue.”

So there you have it: Al Davis, despite all evidence to the contrary, is still alive. Good to know.

Raiders deny Al Davis health scare rumor [CSN California]