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Minor League Pitcher Robinson Fabian Has Seen The Needle And The Damage Done

A right-handed minor league pitcher has been suspended for 25 games by Major League Baseball due to the possession of an unauthorized syringe. Robinson Fabian pitched most recently last season with the Potomac Nationals, the Washington Nationals’ Class A Advanced affiliate, became the second minor league player suspended in the past two months due to having been caught with a syringe without authorization.


On Feb. 8, Washington Nationals catcher Hector Taveras received a 25-game suspension under the minor league program because of syringe possession. While most suspensions for first offenses are for 50 games, MLB can impose lesser discipline if the reason for the penalty was other than a positive test. Under the minor league program, which is stricter than the major league’s joint drug agreement with the union, players may only be in possession of syringes if they have team permission.

From what I can gather, Fabian did not test positive for any banned substance, but the fact that he had a syringe is justification enough to warrant a suspension, presumably because he is not diabetic or, um, what other reasons would a person have a syringe? You know, except to shoot up illegal substances, whether they be performance-enhancing drugs, or, you know, heroin. Or maybe, just maybe, Fabian was an amateur chef of sorts and enjoys infusing his turkeys, roasts, etc. with extra juicy deliciousness by way of using said syringe as a makeshift flavor injector. It’s within the realm of possibility, is it not? Have you ever eaten a flavor-injected turkey? It’s delicious.

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