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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• Idiot columnist ascribes some of the blame for the shameful incident when Giants fan Bryan Stow was savagely beaten by subhuman Dodgers “fans” to Stow himself. Why? Because Stow was wearing a Giants jersey. [With Leather]

• On a lighter note, why in the holy hell is this male NASCAR fan wearing cut-off jean shorts? [Off the Bench]

• In case you missed the video of Charlie Villanueva having a full-on spaz attack last night during the Pistons-Cavaliers game, here it is. [The Basketball Jones]

• David Ortiz: Triples Machine. Wait. What? [Larry Brown Sports]

• Rory McIlroy may not have won the Green Jacket, but he does have this pretty cool “Nice Pussy” shirt. [Busted Coverage]

• Makes sense: a boxer who had been disqualified seeks vengeance by attacking referee. [Ted Williams Head]

• The Boston Celtics’ Von Wafer screws up everything. [Ball Don’t Lie]

• Awesome: fellow blogger Chimpanzee Rage took in a Wizards game with a bunch of other bloggers, meets Gheorge Muresan. [Deuce of Davenport]

• Blake Griffin trick shot over practice balcony, everyone. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• Yep. These fans exist. [The Sports Hernia Blog]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You’re Having Sex With Him

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