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Indy 500 To Put On Stunt Featuring Life-Sized Version Of The Hot Wheels V-Drop

Awesome much? In an incredible publicity-generating stunt that has instantly transported me all the way back to my days as a Hot Wheels-obsessed wee lad when kids actually played with real toys (sometimes outside, even), officials at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have announced that just prior to the racing of the Indianapolis 500 on May 29th, an unnamed driver will attempt to break the world record for the longest jump by a four-wheeled vehicle, utilizing a life-sized version of the Hot Wheels V-Drop jump. Man, is that going to be cool as all get out.

A 100-foot door, located at the fourth turn of the historic race track, will be visible to spectators throughout the buildup to the race and will be connected to a ginormous replica of the trademark orange ramp.

Via an AP report in The Washington Post:

“It is a feat of engineering, and it’s a jaw-dropping sight when you see it,” vice president of marketing Simon Waldron told The Associated Press.

There’s no doubt the stunt will grab attention.

Organizers plan to suspend the large door, which will include a huge replica of the brand’s so-called V-Drop off the door. It will take three weeks to put everything in place.

I state the following opinion without any hint of hyperbole whatsoever: this will without a doubt go down in history of one of the coolest stunts ever attempted in the history of mankind ever. While the jump will not be made over any cars, motorcycles or other objects, if the driver nails it, it will count as a world record, breaking the current mark of 301 feet by Johnny Graves. And if doesn’t work the first time, officials have said additional attempts will be made, time permitting. I can see that. To take the time to create a stunt of such magnitude and have it fail would suck. Screw the race. Let the guy keep trying it until he nails it.

Now that I have Hot Wheels on the brain – I am giving serious consideration to purchasing this bad boy today – how about we enjoy a video featuring some pretty bad ass Hot Wheels jumps? Enjoy.

Cool. Boy, does that take me back. Memories.

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