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Flyers Goalie’s Mask Features Cultural Icons Rocky Balboa & Sideshow Bob

Bad ass. Now that Philadelphia Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette has named rookie Sergei Bobrovsky the starting goaltender in the postseason as the team prepares to face the Buffalo Sabres – well, he’s the starter for the time being, given that Michael Leighton has now cleared re-entry waivers – it looks like we will be initially seeing a lot of the Russian goaltender’s totally awesome new goalie mask which features American cultural icons Rocky Balboa and Sideshow Bob. The images above were tweeted yesterday by CSN Philly’s Sarah Baicker and there’s only one thing to say about it:

“Hey yo, Sideshow Bob: I DID IT!!!”

Or alternatively: “Hey yo, Sideshow Bob, I guess what I’m trying to say is, if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change. Stop trying to kill Bart.”

I’m sure there are far better ways to incorporate Sideshow Bob into iconic scenes from the films of the Rocky franchise (“Ding Ding”?), all I want to know is how would Sideshow Bob fare trying to chase down a chicken with those ginormous feet of his? I reckon he would end up feeling like a Kentucky Fried Idiot, even without stepping on a series of inconveniently placed rakes in typical Sideshow Bob slapstick fashion. Man, that’s a whole bunch of YouTube videos. Kind of makes me feel like some kind of You’Tube referencing robot or something.

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