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Ex Holly Sweeney Was At The Masters To Comfort Rory McIlroy After Meltdown

(image courtesy of The Sun)

That’s a nice consolation. Unknown to even the golfer himself, Rory McIlroy’s management team secretly flew in Holly Sweeney, McIlroy’s childhood sweetheart (although they have been reportedly “on a break” for some time) two days earlier to Augusta so she could be on hand to presumably surprise him beside the 18th green after he won the Masters. But as it goes so often in life, things were not to be, McIlroy’s game exploded into a white-hot ball of colossal failure while shooting an 80 on Sunday, so Miss Sweeney, 18, instead waited inside the clubhouse for the shaken 21-year-old. Reports indicate that the Northern Irishman’s face lit up after seeing her as the two embraced. Awwww….that’s so sweet.

Via The Sun:

The couple are childhood sweethearts and McIlroy, when he first hit the golfing big time, used to pick her up at the school gates in his BMW. She was by his side when he made his Ryder Cup debut in October.

But McIlory later announced they were taking a “break” in their relationship, as he travelled the world and she concentrated on her studies sports technology student at the University of Ulster.

But within a few weeks he admitted: “Me and Holly still talk every day. We still get on great. I think we both understand what we want.”

They flew together to Kuala Lumpur yesterday, where a shell-shocked McIlory is due to compete in this week’s Malaysian Open.

How romantical. Sure, he may have choked away the Masters, but he’s still a kid and given his considerable skills and maturity, McIlroy will have plenty of opportunities in the future to collect Major Championship. In the meantime, it sure looks like he has a good woman to lean on when things aren’t going his way. Not too shabby.

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