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Everybody Should Feel Bad For Reggie Bush: He Pays A Lot For Gas, Too

The above photo was uploaded by New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush a short time ago with the following message (via plixi):

Just left gas station and this how much it cost to fill up my tank! Gas is getting out of control!

People of the world: this crisis has spun way too far out of control now that even Reggie Bush can’t take it anymore. We have to get a handle on this high gas price epidemic, people. Doesn’t anybody realize that Reggie Bush is currently locked out of his job? He can’t even go with the old standby that he’s living check-to-check – he’s not even getting checks to begin with! And to have to pay such an exorbitant amount for gasoline in these trying economic times? Reggie Bush should only have to tolerate so much and this is far beyond what any professional athlete should have to endure.