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Apparently, Lawrence Taylor Is The Best Kind Of Sex Offender

Or, at the very least, not the very dangerous kind of sex offender, as Lawrence Taylor was given Level 1 sex offender status after a hearing in Rockland County Court. The prosecution requested Level 2 but after considering whether or not Taylor was a danger to the public or would repeat his kind, Judge William Kelly stated that “”I frankly don’t think that is likely,” as he ruled on the issue from the bench.

How lucky was Taylor to not be given Level 2 or Level 3 status? Via ESPN:

There are three levels of sex offenders: Level 1 offenders are characterized as being a low risk to the public, Level 2 are medium risk and level 3 are high risk. People registered as the latter two have their names made available to the public, and authorities can go so far as to alert “vulnerable populations,” such as those at a school, nursing home or day care agency, that an offender is living in their neighborhood.

According to his attorney, Arthur Aidala, LT is quite relieved to be given the Level 1 status, meaning that his name will not placed on an online registry of sex offenders.

Via ESPN New York:

Aidala said knowing that he is the lowest level will be a “relief” for Taylor, and that it may make a difference when it comes to sponsorship opportunities in the future. He said Taylor will be a headline guest at a Montclair, N.J., charity golf tournament on June 20, to benefit disabled children.

I can see that. Because when you think about it, if a sponsorship opportunity is up for grabs and it comes down to Taylor and and Level 2 or Level 3 sex offender, how good is Taylor going to look in comparison? Pretty damn good.

Further, while this may be way out of line to suggest, allow me to add that if there happens to be any teenage disabled children at this particular charity golf tournament, make sure those kids have their IDs on them at all times. Just saying.

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