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Wake N’ Blog: Nothing To See Here, Just A Naked Guy Shooting At A SWAT Robot With An AK-47

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• A suicidal man in West Melbourne, Florida shot the s**t out of a SWAT robot which had been sent in to his residence to avoid risking the lives of any police officers. When the robot opened his bedroom door, the man stormed out, butt naked, armed with an AK-47. I bet the robot didn’t think he was signing up for this kind of crap when he joined the force. SFW video in the link. [msnbc]

• Say what you want about Rory McIlroy’s epic meltdown Sunday, you have to give him credit for the class and maturity he displayed afterward. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Tiger Woods making haters and fans alike smile. [Devil Ball Golf]

• The best stereotypical Cubs fan ever. Check out this broad. [Foul Balls]

• Video of a Pirates fan getting beaten, tased and refusing to go down. [Busted Coverage]

• Tom Brady is a crybaby. [Shutdown Corner]

• Here’s what an NBA Hall of Famer looks like in lingerie. [Off the Bench]

• Start your Monday off right with an episode of TBJ TV. In this edition, “The Kardashian Effect” is addressed. [The Basketball Jones]

• Take a gander at this Pittsburgh Penguins fan’s man cave. [Puck Daddy]

• Real tweets from real people about Joe Buck’s less than stellar announcing performance on Saturday. [Awful Announcing]

• Jenn Sterger’s back, baby! [Bob’s Blitz]

• Ha. “Bulls to erect statue of Luc Longley under interstate near United Center.” That’s awfully nice of them. [TAUNTR]

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