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University Of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Fans Are A Bunch Of Depraved Animals

Alright, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch – I am sure that 99% of the hockey fans of the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux are well-behaved, kind folk who never would dream of doing anything untoward or behave reprehensibly when cheering on their beloved hockey team, but two fans in particular who were in attendance at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul yesterday and watched their squad lose 2-0 in upset fashion to the University of Michigan Wolverines in their Frozen Four semifinal game did not behave in a manner befitting the usually honorable Fighting Sioux team spirit.

The screencap above from this video (courtesy of Deadspin) illustrates how one of the two cretins mentioned above articulated his frustration after Scooter Vaughn scored an empty netter with 36 seconds left in the third period, effectively ending UND’s hopes of a thrilling comeback to tie the game and ultimately, possible national championship glory. There’s nothing more classy than a middle-aged man giving the double-middle-fingered salute to a college athlete probably enjoying one of the greatest moments of his life. And as an added bonus, he did a great job of sticking ass in some lady’s – perhaps his wife’s – face. Good stuff.

Onwards and upwards downwards, below is an image captured by RandBall’s very own Michael Rand, who was at the X on Thursday taking in the semifinal games:

Yep. An irate UND fan punched a hole in the wall after the Fighting Sioux lost. Mr. Rand provides the details of just what went down with the person responsible for the above property damage, who was accompanied at the game by his girlfriend:

The female spent most of the third period texting what we presume were other anxious fans. One of the only times she spoke was when the UND goalie charged out of the net to play the puck in order to prevent a possible breakaway. It worked, though it was a little shaky. And during the exchange, the woman jumped from her seat and yelled something like, “No! Noooooooo! No! What the [redacted] are you doing?!?!” The guy sat silently, nervously. You could tell he was heavily invested. As each third period chance went by without a tying goal in a 1-0 game, his sports fury simmered. Believe us, we have been there.

We have not, however, ever punched a hole in the wall of a public sporting arena (or anywhere else, for that matter). This UNDĀ fan cannot say the same. After Michigan scored an empty-netter in the final minute to essentially seal the game, he stood up and pounded the wall high above him. Then he did it again, producing that hole you see in the picture. And then they left.

Shameful. Simply shameful. If Double Bird Flipping While Sticking His Ass In A Woman’s Face Guy and Angry Wall Puncher Guy are ever identified, they should never be allowed to leave the city limits of Grand Forks ever again. Well, if that’s where they are from. If they are not, as a fitting punishment, they should be sent there. I mean, have you ever been to Grand Forks*?

* Kidding. Grand Forks is a wonderful town full of wonderful people, although I should point out that I should be allowed to make the above statement in the first place, as I am a former resident of North Dakota . I spent two years of my youth living in Fargo. Yamma hamma.

[H/T Randball & Deadspin]