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Grow A Pair: NHL Ref Finds Salmon Thrown On Ice During Wild-Canucks Game Icky

Come on, man. Above is video of NHL referee Frederick L’Ecuyer acting like a sissy after an imaginative Vancouverite tossed a salmon onto the ice during the Vancouver Canucks’ 5-0 victory over the Minnesota Wild at Rogers Arena on Thursday night. While tossing seafood onto the playing surface is a time-honored tradition in the NHL, the salmon is a new addition to the pantheon of sea creatures which have ended up on the ice and is clearly a development not appreciated by the grossed out referee.

Adding to the confusion, the salmon was tossed out on the ice during game play, sitting there just past the blue line in Wild’s defensive zone. At first, L’Ecuyer attempts to kick it out of the way, but to no avail. While the play is still live, someone actually throws the ref a towel so he wouldn’t have to touch the icky fish with his bare hands, but that doesn’t work, either. Finally, play stops and L’Ecuyer sheepishly scoops up the fish and drops it into a shovel being carried by a member of the ice crew. Once again, come on, man. It’s just a freaking fish. He’s probably the kind of guy who, if he ever went fishing – would refuse to bait his own hook – “Leeches? Ewww!!!”

Perhaps the best part of the entire video is the banter between Wild television announcers for FOX Sports North, Dan Terhaar and Mike Greenlay, who relish the opportunity to give L’Ecuyer a hard time due to his reluctance to touch the salmon (after all, they are the Wild announcers, there hasn’t been much enjoyment on the ice this season, so there you go), prompting Terhaar to say razz the ref’s pitiful performance with the following:

“Oh, just pick it up. It’s just a salmon, for cripe’s sake. You act like it’s poison. It’s just a salmon!”

Awesome comment by the announcer, terrible display of masculinity by the referee. Come on, man.

[H/T Puck Daddy]