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Cincinnati Reds Fan: ‘It’s A Trip, It’s Got A Funky Beat And I Can Bug Out To It’

I don’t care what anyone else says: fans at baseball games busting a move – even ridiculously – is always entertaining. This Cincinnati Reds fan felt the beat and allowed his groove lobe to interpret the pulsating rhythms and there was no turning back from that point. That’s right: nearly two minutes of this guy’s uninterrupted, unadulterated expression of joy through the magic of dance. And hey, it even got him up on the jumbotron, so it was totally worth the effort.

All I know is I would have been completely wiped out after that kind of dancing marathon. What, two minutes isn’t really a long time to perform? Seriously? Well, that bit of news certainly doesn’t bode well.

[via BuzzFeed and H/T “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” for the title]