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109-Year-Old Woman Throws Out Ceremonial First Pitch At Minor League Game, Survives

Now here’s a nice story to warm the cockles of your bitter, jaded and embittered heart. Centenarian spitfire Violet Smith from Midland, Michigan, threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the season opener Thursday for the Great Lakes Loons, the Low Class A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. To make it even better, Miss Violet Smith was celebrating her 109th birthday. Awesome.

Smith told WNEM-TV that she was not too worried over her big moment, telling a reporter, “When I think about it, no, I don’t think I’m nervous.” Something that likely helped assuage any trepidation she might have had leading up to her pitch was the fact that her son, Richard, who happens to be a spry 72 in his own right (Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum! Mandelbaum!), brought along a baseball so his mother could properly loosen up her arm prior to her pitch. Her daughter, Marj, was also on hand to watch Violet throw, adding, “You can imagine how wonderful it has been to have her around for 109 years.” I bet.

You can see WNEM-TV’s video report of Miss Smith’s remarkable achievement here. And just so you know, Violet performed admirably: while the ball did come up a tad short, it bounced a couple of times but ultimately rolled its way to the catcher, making her performance far exceed many others we have had to watch, embarrassed, over the years who have failed miserably attempting the same task.

Good for Violet. I hope I have half the enthusiasm and zest for life at 50 that she does at 109. What a great old broad.

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