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Red Sox On-Field Reporter Heidi Watney Loves Her Some Chicken And Waffles…

…just as long as she doesn’t choke on the unique combination of culinary treats in abject disgust. Yes, that’s sarcasm right there. Try and keep up. Above is video of the beautiful and talented Heidi Watney, the beloved on-field reporter for NESN’s coverage of the Boston Red Sox, doing what on-field reporters do best: doing stuff no one else on the broadcasting team wants to do. Poor Heidi was sent to a concession stand in Progressive Field during the Red Sox-Cleveland Indians game today to sample various new items available at the ballpark, one of them being a sandwich constructed out of fried chicken and waffles, an ingredient combination well known here in the U.S. and a staple in the South. Unfortunately, Watney either took too large of a bite (unlikely), or her palate was repulsed by the intermixing of the two foods in one concession item (definitely).

Way to take one for the team, Heidi. And in an interesting bit of synchronicity between broadcasting crew and the team it covers, several members of the Boston Red Sox continue to choke away the beginning of their season, losing 1-0 to the Indians to fall to 0-6. Burn!

[H/T Hardball Talk]