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Fan Shows Up At Ballpark Dressed In Complete Philadelphia Phillies Uniform

You know, just in case the Philadelphia Phillies needed him in a pinch. I guess. Why else would this oddball have shown up at Citizens Bank Park dressed up as a Cliff Lee doppelganger? I suppose he may have thought that Charlie Manuel might have somehow seen him way up in the 300 Level and hollered at him: “Cliff! What are you doing up there? Get down here in the dugout now!” But there’s one flaw in his grand plan: first of all, Cliff Lee was probably already in the dugout, so what happens when there are two Cliff Lees on the bench? Talk about awkward. Secondly, Cliff Lee is a left-handed pitcher and this guy was wearing a right-handed glove. Total non-commitment to the part or an egregious oversight. There’s no way Manuel will want this guy now. What a way to blow it, dude.

[H/T The700Level]