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A Comfy Criminal: Knife-Wielding Boston Red Sox Pajama Bandit Robs Store

Well, if you’re going to commit a felony while brandishing a knife, you might as well be comfortable. According to police reports, a man wielding a knife and wearing Boston Red Sox pajamas robbed a convenience store in Braintree, Massachusetts on Monday night.

Via MyFOX Boston:

The clerk at Luke’s Convenience Store on Pond Street told police that shortly after 8:30 p.m., a white man wearing a black mask and gloves, a green hooded sweatshirt pulled up over his head and blue pajama bottoms with Red Sox logos on them, entered the store and demanded money, the Patriot Ledger reported.

The suspect reportedly pointed a knife at the store clerk and then reached over the counter and grabbed a sum of money from the cash register. Police say he ran away toward Randolph.

Apparently, Red Sox Pajama Bandit is still on the loose and there’ is no telling where he might strike next. Hey, I understand the Boston Red Sox are winless this season, but that’s no reason for a man to not to put forth a little effort into his criminality and at least change out of his bedtime clothes and put on his Red Sox cap and jacket and then go rob a store while behaving like a knife-wielding maniac. It’s the little things that truly define a real fan, you see, although if I understand things correctly, once pajamas are worn out in public, they cease to be sleepwear and are somehow magically transformed into something called “daywear,” so there you go.

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