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Shaquille O’Neal Is: The Last (And Largest) Boy Scout

A bum calf hasn’t prevented Boston Celtics center Shaquille O’Neal from continuing onward with acts of civic mindedness, as the big guy was presented with a Distinguished Citizen Award on Monday night by the Knox Trail Boy Scout Council in Framingham, Massachusetts (Shaq lives in nearby Sudbury) after he took part in some traditional Boy Scout activities, including learning how to tie a square knot and participating in the Pinewood Derby (Shaq’s car ultimately took second place).

Of course, Shaq was his usual jovial self, hamming it up during the event (via the Wellesley Patch):

When asked later by a Scout which was worse his twisted ankle or losing to a bunch of Scouts in the Pinewood Derby, the honored guest jokingly asked the Scout to ask that question to his face and not from the audience. Then jokingly told him it would cost him a box of thin mint Girl Scout cookies to get the answer.

Boy Scouts award their Distinguished Citizen Award to civic role models of leadership excellence, rare individuals who have built careers of exceptional success on the foundation ideals of the Scout Oath and Law.

O’Neal in accepting the award joked that he was kicked out of the Boy Scout three times.

Three times he was kicked out of the Scouts? What’s up Doc? (Just A Jock)? Nah, they probably just couldn’t find a uniform that fit him. Speaking of which, I really hope that if Shaq did request an honorary Boy Scouts uniform as part of the distinguished award bestowed upon him that it would have to been custom made. Otherwise, the childhood obesity epidemic in this country is in far more dire straits than I originally had been led to believe.

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