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Jack Nicklaus: ‘When This Golf Cart Hits Eight Miles Per Hour, You’re Gonna See Some Serious S**t’

Well, if his calculations are correct and the headline of the above story is accurate, of course.

Clearly some earth-shattering breaking news out of Augusta this week, kids: Jack Nicklaus, be it by Flux Capacitor or otherwise, has somehow managed to procure some advanced technology which gives him the ability for time travel via a souped-up golf cart. Strange things are afoot at Amen Corner, indeed. Wait. That’s another ’80s time travel movie. Ah, who cares? It fits.

Moving on, for his first trip back in time (H/T Huey Lewis & The News) Nicklaus of course elected to revisit the site and time of one of his greatest triumphs: the 1986 Masters, where Nicklaus won the 18th and final major of his career. Hardly say I can blame him for that decision. Lord only knows where – and when – the Golden Bear will visit next. Happy trails, Mr. Nicklaus. Say hi to Socrates for me.

Jack Nicklaus re-visits ‘86 Masters [Atlanta Journal Constitution]