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Apparently, The Washington Nationals Can’t Count Up To Thirty-One, Either

Wow, the hits – or errors, as it were – keep on coming for the copy editing-challenged Washington Nationals organization. As you can see above (courtesy of D.C. Sports Bog, which has been documenting the many spelling fails, etc. from the Nationals for years now), whoever gave the go-ahead on making the souvenir cups featuring Washington’s game schedule at Nationals Park failed to notice that the month of March has a March 30th followed by another March 30th. Sigh.

As Dan Steinberg astutely points out, “[I]f an army of copy editors attacked every pro sports franchise with this vigor, the Internet would likely break.” Very true, but it doesn’t make the Nationals’ ongoing run of spelling snafus and other assorted copy editing fails any less entertaining.

Nats Park copy editing woes extend to souvenir cups [D.C. Sports Bog]