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Stacy’s Mom Has Got It Goin’ On: Mother Of LPGA’s Stacy Lewis Breaks Leg In Pond Jump

It is a time-honored tradition (but not a tradition like any other, Jim Nantz, cool with it with that crap), the winner of the Kraft Nabisco Championship – the LPGA Tour’s first major of the season – will take a celebratory leap into Poppie’s Pond at the Mission Hills’ Dinah Shore course, much to the delight of fans. Often joining the champ are the caddie, friends and assorted family members, as was the case on Sunday when Stacy Lewis broke through with her first LPGA victory. Unfortunately, things took a bit of an unfortunate turn when one of the joining joyous leapers, Lewis’ mother Carol, injured her leg during the dip.

Carol Lewis ended up with a broken leg – later reported as a fractured fibula – somewhat putting a drenching damper on the celebratory festivities. Via ESPN:

“It’s a non-weight bearing bone and she is in a soft cast,” said J.S. Kang of Sterling Sports, which represents Stacy Lewis. “”[Carol] is doing fine. She may be on some pain medication, but the win is probably the best medicine.”

Jeez, of all the rotten luck, right? After all the hard work, the dedication, the effort, you finally win a tournament and there’s your mom, totally embarrassing you during your shining moment. It sure brings back the painful memories of the little league baseball championship straight out of repression as they emerge from the recesses of one’s fragile psyche all over again. Well, for some people, I would suspect. Not me. I never made it to the little league championship game. My mom got lost on the way to bringing me to the baseball field. We didn’t have fancy GPS thingers back in the day. Charmins and Jon Jons or whatever the hell you call those newfangled contraptions.

Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah: get well soon, Stacy’s mom. Hopefully, she’s back to normal and got it goin’ on in no time flat.

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