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Fitting Juxtaposition: Phil Mickelson Ad Towers Over John Daly’s Swap Meet/RV Gig

Courtesy of Wei Under Par (as an aside, Ms. Wei is in Augusta all week, so be sure to visit her site often to catch the latest Masters news), comes this charming photo which is adequately illustrates the many differences between Phil Mickelson and John Daly.

Daly, who last played in the Masters in 2006, usually sets up an RV a few blocks away from the entrance of Augusta National, shills merchandise, keepsakes and assorted tchotchkes, much to the delight for those who stop on by. Daly also signs autographs for a nominal fee, reportedly $20 a pop, all the while Mickelson’s image hovers over Daly’s RV-based circus sideshow of sorts in a billboard ad for Rolex. Fitting, eh?

Wei put on her intrepid reporting hat and asked John Daly’s girlfriend, Anna Cladakis, how business was going:

I asked Daly’s girlfriend Anna Cladakis how business was shaping up on Monday. She said things were slower than last year, but she wasn’t quite sure — apparently they changed the time the gates opened this year. I noted that it seemed like things were going quite well, gesturing at the large crowd of people dishing out handfuls of cash. She said it had just gotten busy because people were leaving for the day. Asked for an estimate of how much they had made, Anna said they hadn’t counted the cash yet. From what I saw for about 20 minutes, I bet they grossed a decent amount. (I’m checking back with her later today.)

Awesome. And for those who disagree, even Daly has bills to pay, etc. So instead of sneering at the tackiness of it all, perhaps you should instead be saluting John Daly’s entrepreneurial spirit! Bravo!

Mickelson “Looks Down” at Daly’s RV Shop [Wei Under Par]