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Caption: I’m Not Saying Curling Is Boring, But She Looked 25 At Beginning Of Match

I kid, I kid! Obviously, I surely do not want to rankle the feathers of my dear Canadian readers – after all, the fine sport of curling is pretty darn huge up Canada way – but something about this photo from the men’s curling championships in Regina, Saskatchewan featuring the steely gaze of a die-hard, yet elderly, Canadian curling fan is a delight on so many levels. What is up with those shades? Maple leafs and sombreros together? It causes a xenophobic person like me to begin to worry about the Canadians and Mexicans teaming up on the United States in some kind of ill-conceived, NAFTA-based, hostile takeover of American curling, um, rinks?

And the wig really ties the entire image together. When this gal shows up to curling matches, she brings it and goes all out. The face stickers make that pretty clear. Oh, the fact that by the looks of it, she could very well be shuffling off this mortal coil at any moment. Not that I wish that fate upon a person who I assume is a lovely, lovely woman. Although I do bet she’s thinking, “Just one more end. Give me that, Lord. Just one more end” See? I even incorporated an astute curling reference right there. You’re welcome, Canada.

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