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Yankees Fan Stacks Beer Cups On Head Of Sleeping Yankees Fan, Hilarity Ensues

(in my best Count Von Count voice) One….two…three! Three cups stacked on top of the head of a possibly piss drunk, passed out New York Yankees fan!!!

I have to give the guy in the back credit: that is some terrific manual dexterity exhibited by way of stacking those three cups on the unaware Yankees fan sitting directly in front of him. Granted, the cups did come tumbling down at the end of that’s not the saddest part of the story: after the conclusion of the game, it was determined that the guy had been dead for several hours.

Just kidding. I’m pretty sure he’s still alive. Probably. Maybe.

And while there is no arguing that the above is delightfully amusing little video, it pales in comparison to the excitement and crowd-pleasing nature of Cup Stacking On Passed Out Drunk Mets Fan At Shea Stadium video that took the interwebs by storm a few years back. What is it with New York fans, anyway? Oh yeah, that’s right: they’re drunken degenerates. Alright, I’m kidding again. Salt of the Earth, those folks.

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