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Wake N’ Blog: Old Guy Stabs Another Old Guy Over Pussy(cats)

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• When I think of what a good cat fight entails, this isn’t what I usually have in mind. A 74-year-old San Diego man stabbed his 64-year-old neighbor over a dispute where Stabby McStabberson claims his kittens were being harassed by said neighbor’s dog. First, the old guy hit the neighbor in the face with a broomstick then returned with the knife and got all knifey with it. [Yahoo!]

• Hello, friends: at long last, it is finally Masters Week. [Devil Ball Golf]

• In the span of one weekend, Alexander Ovechkin posed for photos with the First Lady and Lil Wayne. Wow. [D.C. Sports Bog]

• Ron Jaworski believes that current players don’t give a crap about former players. He’s probably right. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Delonte West botched an alley-oop, banks in a three-pointer instead. [The Basketball Jones]

• If there were such a thing as Jedi Badminton, this is what it would look like. [With Leather]

• An entry into the Hottest Siblings of 2011 NFL Draft hopefuls. [Busted Coverage]

• Over-animated animations of Gus Johnson’s over-animated announcing. [TAUNTR]

The Onion Headline of the Day: Butler Bulldogs Inspire Thousands Of Tall, Goony-Looking Midwestern Dorks