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The Washington Nationals Even Fail When Correcting Their Spelling Fails

The Washington Nationals organization is well-versed in all areas of fail (see here), but they truly excel in one category of failing in particular: spelling fails. Obviously, the franchise’s spelling ineptitude has been well-chronicled on the interwebs, so there is no need to detail them right here right now, but keeping that in mind, if there is some kind of spelling error involving an MLB organization, odds are it’s going to be the Natinals.

As you can see (courtesy of D.C. Sports Bog), above is how the Nationals have corrected their initial spelling fail of the season. Originally, the line at the bottom read “HONORIING THE HEROES OF SEPTEMBER 11TH,” but someone within the organization procured some blue paint or something and covered up the extraneous “I,” so now it reads “HONOR ING THE HEROES OF SEPTEMBER 11TH.” Now, who is this ING THE HEROES fella and what does he have to do with anything, and frankly, why should we be honoring him? And shouldn’t it read ING THE HERO in the first place or does ING have some kind of multiple personality disorder and erroneously believes he is comprised of several distinct heroes? It’s weird stuff, man.

Note: all kidding aside, according to a Nationals spokesperson, the above repair is only temporary and a more permanent fix will be done in due time.

[H/T D.C. Sports Bog]