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National Retail Chain Already Selling Butler National Championship T-Shirts

Yeah, jumping the gun and selling championship apparel before, you know, a team wins said championship, always turn out splendidly – for Third World nations. With the National Championship Game between the Butler Bulldogs and UCONN Huskies still hours upon hours away, national retail chain Kohl’s has been prematurely selling the above shirt for at least a few days on its website, allowing Butler fans the opportunity to either be the first person on their block to get their hands on a National Championship t-shirt or the chance to be a sad sap who owns a shirt-shaped handkerchief with which they can dejectedly use to wipe their tears on if and when Butler loses tonight.

From Kohl’s site (via Indy Star):

This men’s Nike Butler Bulldogs tee keeps the madness going well after March. Team logo, “No. 1” and “National Champions” graphics offer title-worthy style. Cut down the nets with all our Butler Bulldogs gear at Kohl’s. In white.

Title-worthy style, indeed. And if by chance Butler does lose and as a result these shirts become virtually useless, at least we know that they will be put to good use as charitable donations and distributed the world over. And if the obscene amount of junk mail I receive from Kohl’s is any indication – “Hey, look: Kohl’s is having a sale – again!” – the retail chain is in a more than secure enough financial position to eat their losses on these bad boys.

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