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Here’s A Photo Of Glen Davis Visualizing The Basketball As A Ginormous Hostess Snack

“Mmmm…creme-filled basketball-ey goodness.” You know, because Boston Celtics big man “Big Baby” Glen Davis is something of a portly fellow. The humor is in the non-subtlety of the terribly crafted fat joke, you see.

You know, come to think of it, perhaps some crazy visualization techniques could be of great benefit to Davis. He starts visualizing the basketball as a tasty treat and before you know it, he’s doubled his rebounding average. Case in point: Minnesota Timberwolves rebound machine Kevin Love visualizes the basketball as a kind of sphere-shaped teleportation device that will magically take him away from the prison of hopeless NBA franchise purgatory which has sadly become his tortured existence. Crap, Love probably squeezes on to the roundball like grim death.

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