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Giants Closer Brian Wilson Would Not Be A Fan Of Fire Shooting Out Of His Nose

As we were all aware – as any information regarding the comings and goings of San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is on an absolute need-to-know basis – the Bearded One was place on the 15-day DL on March 30th, retroactive to April 22nd, due to a strained oblique muscle. Baseball fans mourned the fact that Wilson would open the season on the DL, but we have good news to report on the Brian Wilson front: he pitched in a simulated game on Sunday and looks to be ready to come off the disabled list on April 6th, the first day he would be eligible to do so.

Wilson threw 27 pitches Sunday and Mike Fontenot, on of the players who faced him in this simulated game, was dazzled by Wilson’s demeanor and commented on how the pitcher appeared, including a reference to the possibility that flames may have been emanating straight out of Wilson’s nostrils like some kind of Bearded Half-Man, Half-Dragon Baseball-Throwing Hybrid Beast, saying “I saw fire coming out of his nose.” Wilson, upon hearing about Fontenot’s comment, promptly replied (via the San Francisco Chronicle):

“My nose?” Wilson responded in mock horror. “That’s not a good sign.”

Yeah, I’d have to agree with Wilson on this one. Given the amount of facial hair Wilson sports, it would be wise for him to avoid any open flames like the plague. I mean, one errant cinder or spark and it would be POOF! Bye Bye, Beard. And we all can agree that such a development would be a tragedy.

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