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Gah, My Eyes! The Court For The NCAA Women’s Final Four Is Ugly In Its Ugliness

Jeez, would you get a look at that? If the NCAA would like to increase interest in the women’s game, they would be wise to come up with more acceptable-looking courts for its showcase event. You know, the kind that after staring at for more than two minutes doesn’t cause irreversible retinal scarring. And what kind of colors are those on the floor of the Conseco Fieldhouse? Dipping back into my career as a color-naming consultant for grown-up crayons for Crayola – it was a freelance gig for a project that never really got off the ground – I would have to say those atrocities would have to be referred to as “GNC  MegaMenUrine Yellow” and “Two-Week Old Tampon Blood Brown.” Yeah, those are pretty gross names for crayons – hence the reason why Adult Crayola Crayons never really caught on – but let’s be honest here, so is that damn floor.

[H/T The Dagger (where recent assorted Court Crimes from NCAA Women’s Final Fours are documented as well)]