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Report: Alex Rodriguez’s Salary Only $4.1 Million Less Than Entire Royals’ Roster

In a glaring example of the monumental disparity between the haves and the have-nots in Major League Baseball, a report from The Associated Press indicates that the salary of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for the 2011 season is $4.1 million less than what the entire roster for the Kansas City Royals will earn this season.

Via SI:

The salaries for Kansas City’s 27 players on its opening-day roster and disabled lists total $36.1 million, according to an analysis of major league contracts by The Associated Press.

A-Rod alone makes $32 million atop the New York Yankees’ $201.7 million payroll. He is baseball’s highest-paid player for the 11th straight year.

I’m not big into sophistimicated comparative financial analysis, Excel spreadsheets – or counting, for that matter – but even I can grasp the following concept with relative ease: Alex Rodriguez makes a ton of money. You read it here first.

At least now that we are armed with this valuable bit of information, we can be rest assured with the knowledge that A-Rod has more than enough money to commission portraits of himself depicted as a centaur. Those don’t come cheap.

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