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A Match Made On Twitter? Toronto Raptors’ Sonny Weems Is Lonely, Wants A Girlfriend

It would be well within reason for the average guy to suspect that being an NBA player makes it easy to hook up with the chicks. And while that may be true to a certain extent, it’s more about hooking up with the right kind of chicks, and that’s the problem currently facing Sonny Weems from the Toronto Raptors. The fact is: Weems is pretty darned desperate. So desperate, in fact, that he took to Twitter on Sunday to announce to the world that he thinks it’s time for him to get a girlfriend. And by taking a cursory look at his recent tweets which revolve around video games and bemoaning the fact that he’s playing Fight Night all by his lonesome (sad), I’d have to agree with his assessment of the current state of his love life.

Weems discussed the pitfalls associated with being a  professional athlete who is on the lookout for a classy gal with the Toronto Star:

“A lot of females come to you, and they tell you a story. ‘I want to be your girl. I’m different from other females.’ Or whatever. It happens all the time,” Weems said. “Athletes really have it hard, trying to find that person. Who can you trust?”

Preach. It’s hard out there on the dating scene and man, do I know exactly what Weems  is going through. It’s pretty much the same sad state of affairs for bloggers. Damn shame.

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