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Recipe For Club-Throwing Disaster: Roger Clemens Caddied At Houston Open Pro-Am

When Roger Clemens, the former pitching great/suspected performance-enhancing drug user/habitual froster of tips/seducer of underage country music singers-turned train wrecks isn’t “looking forward” to his day in court, he occasionally enjoys spending some of his time serving as a caddie at pro-am golf tournaments. Or at least that was what he was up to when he served as the caddie for PGA player Ryan Palmer during the pro-am event leading up to the Houston Open.

Clemens took part in the festivities as a part of the Caddy For A Cure program, so we have to give at least a modicum of credit for doing so, although according to reports, it appears the seven-time Cy Young Award winner is as adept at serving as a caddie as he is in making a believable statement to a grand jury. As in, not very good.

Via Yahoo!:

Palmer chuckled, noting that, according to his PGA TOUR caddie James Edmonson, Clemens pulled the wrong club three times and didn’t wash the ball and … well, you get the idea.

“We played together at the (Bob) Hope,” Palmer said. “He’s a fun guy to be around. But we did have to give him a hard time.”

Yeah, Palmer can yuck it up now, but he should consider himself very lucky he didn’t end up on the receiving end of a retaliatory throw from Clemens when he flipped back a club to his caddie. Palmer could have just as easily ended up with a 9-iron whacking him upside the head as opposed to a funny little anecdote regarding the caddying inadequacies of a reputed PED user.

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