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In A Bold PR Move, The New York Mets Just Cut A Cancer Survivor

Just when you thought the New York Mets couldn’t hamfistedly botch up the organization’s already rapidly deteriorating reputation as a first-class MLB outfit any further, they go ahead and pull a stunt like this: and totally disgrace themselves! According to a report from ESPN New York’s Adam Rubin, the Mets organization released farmhand Emmanuel Garcia on Wednesday morning. Garcia, who just surpassed the six-month mark of being cancer free after receiving treatment for testicular cancer, most recently played for the Buffalo Bison, the Mets’ Triple-A affiliate.

Garcia originally discovered he had cancer after he was suspended by Major League Baseball for 50 games in June of 2010 for perceived elevated levels of human chorionic gonadotropin discovered during a drug test. The discovery ended up being a blessing in disguise as subsequent tests determined that Garcia had not been using hCG as originally suspected, but instead had a cancerous growth, known as seminoma, forming in his right testicle.

An excellent story detailing Garcia’s entire harrowing ordeal can be found here, but while doing so, take a moment to be disgusted by the reprehensible behavior exhibited by the New York Mets when they cut this guy. He’s been cancer-free for only six freaking months, for crying out loud. Of course, as sometimes is the case with stories like these, there very well could be more to the story and details we are not privy to at this moment that will surface in the coming days, nor I am suggesting that the Mets should have held on to Garcia indefinitely, but for an organization in the sad state the Mets currently finds itself in, an additional public relations disaster – something that is sure to arise as a result of this questionable move – is the absolute last thing the team needs. What a bunch of woodheads.

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