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For $25 Million, You Can Be The Lucky New Owner Of Privacy, Tiger Woods’ Megayacht

Twenty-five million smackeroos? That’s a bit steep, even for Privacy, (in my best Robin Leach voice) Tiger Woods’ lavish megayacht which has all the amenities, style and panache as a luxury five-star hotel, only on the water. You can check out a profile of the Privacy here if you’re in the market for a megayacht. I know I am.

According to a source as reported by The Palm Beach Post on Tuesday, Woods has elected to part ways with the impressive seafaring palace, but those in the know suspect that the asking price might be a tad too high in light of the market for multimillion dollar luxury floating mansions.

Via FOX Sports:

“Privacy” is currently docked at North Palm Beach, and local mega-yacht builder John Staluppi believes Woods’ asking price is too high.

“The market on big yachts has gone down,” said Staluppi. “Banks aren’t financing and the economy is off. It’s a buyer’s market.

“Unless he sells to someone who wants to brag that he’s got Tiger’s yacht, he’ll get about $20 million.”

Woods originally purchased the megayacht for $20 million in 2004 as a wedding present for ex-wife Elin Nordegren, so perhaps it has too many bad memories associated with it for Tiger. But as Staluppi speculates, some high roller might elect to drop $25 million just for the uniqueness of the purchase. But jeez, $20 million is even a bit too high, even for me and my considerable blogging income. I might be interested, but if the price does not drop to around, say, $18 million, I won’t be making an offer.

But man, could you imagine the stories that ship could tell? The parties, the A-listers who hung out on the boat…the whores. I don’t mean to be crass, but in light of all we have learned about Tiger’s once super-secretive private life and his dalliances with harlots the world over, it’s safe to say that there was more “going down” on Privacy than was experienced by the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

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