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Caption: Can You Hear This LeBron? Do You Want Me To Turn It Up?

Hilariously (and accurately) referred to by Tim Ryan (a/k/a TheSportsHernia) over at The Big Lead as “two of the most hostile slices of Road Beef he’ll ever see,” above is an image of two Cleveland Cavaliers fans letting their feelings towards the Miami Heat and more specifically, LeBron James, by way of sophisticated hand gesturing. Well, perhaps sophisticated isn’t the best way to describe two broads flipping double birds at King James, but you get my point.

And whatever you want to say about their demonstrative middle finger-waving – and might I add the “I Witnessed Nothing” t-shirt is a nice touch –  it is possible their actions had at least some minor effect on LeBron and company, as the Cavaliers beat the Heat 102-90.

Finally, to play on the shaky construction of Breakfast Club references in the title – it would have been better if this had been an animated GIF and the gals actually held their middle fingers downwards before, you know, actually turning them up, but you work with what you got – I cannot help myself but to add: “Come on, level with me Sporto: do you slip Bosh the hot beef injection?” Sporto being LeBron in this particular case.

Yeah, I know. Quite the stretch. I’m weak.

[H/T The Big Lead]