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You Can Trust Him: Roger Goodell Says You Should Renew Your Season Tickets Now

"No one knows what it's like to be the bad man, to be the sad man..."

Now if there’s one person you can trust in this entire NFL Lockout Traveschmockery, it is most certainly the Commish, Roger Goodell, especially as it pertains to anything involved with lining his billionaire buddies’ cash-stuffed pockets. Nope. No conflict of interest here. And Goodell says, without any semblance that he has any awareness of how he is insulting the intelligence of fans whatsoever, mind you, that if he were a season ticket holder, he would be renewing those gosh-darned things post haste, because what does the NFL have to gain by fans forking over millions of their hard-earned dollars to its respective franchises so that the teams can use the monies as they see fit.

From The Tennessean (via The Huddle):

“Yes, because we are preparing for our season,” Goodell said. “We’re doing everything to make sure we can play football in 2011. We want to get back to the negotiation table and that’s the fastest way to get that done.

“(But) we’ve set up policies and all of our clubs are working hard with the fans so, if we’re not successful and if we miss some games, that there’s a refund policy.”

Ah yes, refund policies. Always such an easy process to navigate in order to get one’s own money rightfully back into one’s own pocket. Yeah, that’s never a bureaucratic nightmare of a symbolic minefield rife with ridiculous procedures that a person has to tiptoe through to get their cash back:

“Alright, if you would like a refund of your season ticket purchase, please fill out Form 10-465, ‘Request for Refund.’ Upon receipt of that signed and notarized document, the NFL team will then send you via U.S. Mail the next document you need to fill out: Form 24-56.12-EZ. The team will also send out several other forms which have similar numbers and titles but are completely useless. Don’t fill those out – they are merely worksheets for your own records, although we do not refer to them as worksheets. Please fill out the correct form (Form 24.56.12-EZ) entirely and return to the team in triplicate. If there are no errors, the team will promptly issue you a check refunding you for your season ticket purchase. Expect to receive said remittance within 30-90 business days.”

Not freaking interested, man. Hey Rog, how about this? Assure current season ticket holders that their seats will not be auctioned off to the highest bidder while the lockout is in effect. Next, settle the labor impasse. Once that is accomplished, announce – and guarantee – that the season will go on as scheduled. Then and only then can you have our season ticket renewal monies. Until then, not a chance.

Bud Adams: ‘I guarantee we’ll be playing’ this year [The Tennessean (via The Huddle)]