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LeBron James’ Entourage Denied Access To Quicken Loans Arena’s Parking Garage

Up to this point, the second coming of LeBron James and the Miami Heat to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers tonight has failed to generate as much of a buzz as the first time around earlier this season, but finally, we have a juicy story, and believe you me, it is quite the doozy. Quite the doozy indeed.

Ohhhh, how the Cleveland Cavaliers organization has longed for this: a chance to get back at LeBron James for shunning the team. Well, the chance to provide LeBron James with a healthy dose of comeuppance was served up for the team today when James showed up for the Miami Heat’s team shootaround this morning. James, with his entourage in tow, attempted to get not one, but two cars into the underground parking garage, an egregious – egregious! – violation of the rules. LeBron is no longer welcome in the parking garage, you see. Take that!

Courtesy of the intrepid reporting of’s Brian Windhorst:

Cavs officials said James eventually was cleared to enter the building, but several people with him were not. The two cars then left, and James alone returned a short time later and was allowed in, officials said.

Cavs spokesman Tad Carper said visiting NBA players are not normally given private car access to the underground garage, but exceptions are made when requests are made in advance.

James, who regularly used a driver when going to shootarounds when he was a member of the Cavs, did not have permission.

A famous person – probably a celebrity chef, Paula Deen, maybe – once said that “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” and I can think of no better illustration of that philosophy than what happened to LeBron James this morning. It is true, revenge is best after a significant period of time has elapsed. That way, the victim never sees it coming, especially when it involves the embarrassment of refusing access to a bunch of sycophants to an underground parking garage. How sweet it is! BOOYA!

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