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Charles Barkley: truTV Is ‘The White B.E.T.’

I cannot believe I've never seen this photo before

While Charles Barkley may be receiving mixed reviews for his performance as an analyst during the NCAA Tournament (personally, I think he’s been great), no matter whether you have loved or hated the job he has done, no one can argue against the fact that more Charles Barkley is always a good thing.

It has also appeared beneficial to Sir Charles himself, as his role as analyst has exposed him to things he might never have experienced. For example: the wonder and splendor of the programming available on truTV. Being one of the four broadcast homes of the NCAA Tournament has certainly raised the profile of the network formerly known as Court TV, and they have a new fan in Barkley.

Charles made an appearance on KNBR in San Francisco with Razor and Mr.T and among other topics, the unique entertainment qualities of truTV were discussed and Barkley made the interesting comparison that truTV is the white person’s version of Black Entertainment Television (via Sports Radio Interviews):

What followed you on truTV after the post-game analysis?

“Well once I found out we were going to be on truTV. They actually have a show called…first of all…truTV is really the white BET, truTV is white entertainment television. Dude, it’s some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. They got this one show called ‘Lizard Towing,’ Well they got these two big old boys from the south who be repossessing people’s cars and they end up chasing them down the street, fighting them every week. It is hilarious. These guys sneak into people’s houses. First of all, they seem like great guys, but they two big old country boys and they be stealing people’s cars back. It is the funniest thing in the world. They have people fighting with them all of the time. You’re just laughing the whole time. I’m telling you dude, it’s like white black entertainment television.”

As a fan of truTV myself, I am glad that Barkley has been captivated by truTV’s unique brand of programming, although I usually eschew shows like Lizard Towing and those World’s Dumbest debacles and instead stick to watching Forensic Files and programs of that ilk. It’s not reality, you see, it’s actuality. Hey, I kind of like that: truTV should use that as a slogan or something.

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