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NO! Due To Lockout, NFL Players Might Not Be Able To Get Their Kenny Chesney Fix

Won’t somebody think of Peyton Manning’s country-crooner-loving heart?

If it isn’t hard enough as it is right now to be a locked out NFL player – no paychecks, figuring out how and where to work out on your own, the list goes on and on – now comes this shattering bit of news: due to the restrictions of the NFL lockout, players might not be able to catch Kenny Chesney’s current “Goin’ Coastal” tour in their hometown if the concert is scheduled to be put on in a National Football League stadium. Chesney is currently scheduled to play in 10 NFL stadiums on the current tour and if you happen to be a locked out NFL player, you’re out of luck. Oh, the cowboy hat-wearing, sitting on a beach next to a campfire and strumming the old acoustic humanity! Someone should definitely write a song about it just to increase awareness.

Fellow millionaire Chesney certainly feels the tortured, unimaginable pain the players are presently going through (via the Star Tribune):

“If you’re in the NFL [players union], you can’t go to your stadium, you can’t work out at your stadium, you can’t talk to your coaches,” says Chesney, who has 10 NFL venues (including Green Bay’s Lambeau Field) on his 2011 itinerary. When he played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ home turf last week, “we had all baseball players there. We had a lot of Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees who were down there for spring training.”

Simply troubling. How much more do these NFL players have to suffer? I mean it’s one thing to not be able to talk to your coaches, but to miss a Kenny Chesney concert on top of that? If they haven’t felt compelled to do so yet, the United Nations should step in and support these beleaguered NFLers. The time is now to speak out!

UPDATE: (courtesy of The Score (via commenter Brad):

On Monday the players involved in the antitrust lawsuit against the NFL filed their final paperwork. The details of player conduct during a lockout emerged and were relayed by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

Among the rules restricting players was this: “You may not enter any Club facility or the stadium, except for the purpose of attending a non-Club event or Club charitable event.” Translated, that means players can attend concerts or other non-football events at team venues.

It also means that Chesney lied.

Goddamn Kenny Chesney and his lying ways. I don’t see what Renee Zellweger ever saw in him.

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