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Tim Tebow Wants Everbody To See Him In His Underwear

I know, crazy, right? But ’tis be true, as the Denver Broncos quarterback will be the first professional athlete to model Jockey underwear since Jim Palmer did so way back in 1980 (photoshop of Tebow’s mug on Palmer’s body via here). And we mustn’t forget about this epically disturbing image of Pete Rose, Underwear Model from 1977. Hoo boy.

Moving on quickly from that, in case you haven’t noticed over the past several years as Tebowmania quickly gripped the nation, it is Tebow’s world and you’re just living it. At the same time, he cares about the kind of underwear you put on while taking residence in his blessed domain, as he will be promoting Jockey’s new Staycool line, which according to Jockey’s site, makes you and your nads feel about 3 degrees cooler. That’s nice.

While some might question the appropriateness of Tebow’s new endorsement gig, given his staunchly held religious beliefs, but do not fret. Tebow has stated that he “wouldn’t do anything that goes against” what he stands for and adding that the entire “campaign is very classy.” Further (via ESPN):

“People may say it’s underwear, but everyone wears underwear — it’s not like I’m doing something risque.”

Everyone wears underwear? Don’t think so. Speak for yourself, Mr. Goody Two Shoes. As the old saying goes, “Once you go commando, you’re never going back-o.” Yeah, that’s not a real saying.

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