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This Photo Pretty Much Summarizes The Beatdown The Bruins Laid On The Canadiens

Squeal like a pig, Brian Gionta. The worst part about how the camera documented this moment during the Boston Bruins’ 7-0 ass-whipping of the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night was that Gionta was the one being the aggressor as he hip-checked Zdeno Chara, but despite his efforts, ended up putting himself in what appears to be a very submissive position.

Most experts expected the Habs to be full of piss and vinegar during last night’s game as it was the first matchup between the Original 6 squads since the ugly incident which occurred in the teams’ previous game 16 days earlier, when Chara ran Max Pacioretty’s head into the padded stanchion. Pacioretty suffered a broken vertebrae and a concussion and right or wrong, Chara was not suspended by the NHL for the hit, but made his presence known last night, notching three assists and leaving us with this everlasting image – which is also amusing, if you posses the sense of humor of an 8th grade boy – of how horribly things went for the Canadiens. At least the lady in the stands looks like she enjoyed the moment. Or was appalled. It’s hard to tell.

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