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One Woman’s Struggle: Life Story Of NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader To Become Movie

The Hollywood Reporter is, um, reporting that the life story of Laura Vikmanis, a 42-year-old cheerleader for the Cincinnati Bengals – the oldest of her kind – is currently being developed into a movie by New Line Cinema. The dish on the scoop (ooh! I sound just like a Hollywood bigwig!) via FOX Sports:

The movie will be produced by Richard and Lauren Shuler Donner and Donners’ Co. president Jack Leslie and written by scribes Emily Cook and Kathy Greenberg, whose credits include “Gnomeo & Juliet” and “Ratatouille.”

Vikmanis, a mother of two teenage daughters, tried out for the cheerleading squad of the Bengals at the age of 39 after her husband left her for a younger woman.

She failed to make the cut at her first try-out but made the squad after a year of improving her fitness and working on routines.

Certainly inspirational, but given the screenwriting team’s previous films, is it possible that this film will be an animated flick? No? Well, if it ain’t, that’s quite the leap. But hey, as long as Ms. Cook and Ms. Greenberg “Be Aggressive…B-E Aggressive,” I’m sure things will work out just fine. I just hope that one day, I will accomplish something in my life significant enough to be worthy of film treatment. To be honest, actually appearing in a film has been a goal of mine for some time, ever since I dreamed I was in a Hollywood movie, and that I was the star of the movie. This really blew my mind, the fact that me: an overfed, long-haired, leaping gnome should be the star of a Hollywood movie, hmm, but there I was…

Yeah, that’s a War reference. Spill the Wine, baby.

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