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Omigod Omigod Omigod! A Photo Of Sidney Crosby Skating!

The Pittsburgh Penguins organization uploaded the above photo to twitpic earlier today and I am confident that the image of Sidney Crosby actually skating – around cones, mind you – is a welcome sight as the superstar slowly and cautiously gets perhaps a step closer to his return from a debilitating concussion. Captain Crosby has been on injured reserve since January 6th and if he keeps progressing and his ability to skate around cones improves, who knows? We might just see him back in the Penguins’ lineup come playoff time.

Let us just hope that he’s not running over those cones as he skates. At the same time, they were cones.

Holy crap, that’s a long way to go for a measly and poorly-executed reference to The Wedding Singer. It might be high time to finely tune my blogging game a bit.

(places cone on desk, stares at it while typing this)

Oh yeah. Much better.

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