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Dey Took Ur Herps! Delaware Town Under Siege From Basket-Stealing Facists

In a reprehensible bit of timing – what with it being March Madness and all – crews from the Delaware Department of Transportation began taking down basketball hoops in two neighborhoods in the city of Claymont that they say are in violation of the state’s Clear Zone Law “which prohibits hoops, trees, shrubs and other objects from being within seven feet of the pavement’s edge in subdivisions.” Owners of the basketball hoops which violated the law – eight in total – were originally ordered last fall to to take them down themselves but those who did not would have to foot the bill for crews to come out. As one might expect, the defenders of hoops freedom from these two neighborhoods were not going to allow the DOT to remove the hoops without incident, as protesters prompted the crews to call in the Delaware State Police to serve as escorts.

One protester in particular was not going to go down – literally – without a fight. The wife of resident John McCafferty actually climbed up on top of the basketball hoop in a move reminiscent of tree activists who attempt to stop loggers from cutting down trees. That’s right: if they were going to take the hoop down, they were taking down Mrs. McCafferty along with it. And guess what? Her risky gambit proved effective.

Via Delaware Online:

After DelDOT crews found resident Melissa McCafferty sitting atop one of the basketball hoops that was scheduled to be torn down, the woman refused to come down.

In negotiating with the woman, a trooper asked for assistance and three additional state police troopers quickly arrived at the scene along Hilldale Court, [spokesman Cpl. Jeffrey] Hale said.

“We were simply there to try to talk her into coming down off the pole,” Hale said.

After it became apparent the woman would not get down, troopers left and did not make an arrest, Hale said.

Hell no, she won’t go! Hell no, she won’t go. Right on, Melissa McCafferty: keep on fighting the good fight. Your grass roots activism is an inspiration to us all.

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