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Are You Ready For Some Racing? If No NFL Season, How About Monday Night IndyCar?

Some higher-ups at IndyCar appear to be poising the racing circuit to seize the moment and capitalize on the aimless television viewing meanderings of lost and embittered NFL fans this fall if in fact the lockout continues and there is no 2011 season, or a delayed one, for that matter. IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard is reportedly in talks with Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage to possibly stage a Monday night Izod IndyCar Series race at the track. Hank Williams, Jr. is already re-working the lyrics to that blasted song in eager anticipation.


“It’s all pie in the sky at this point, but I’m a firm believer that when one door closes on someone another one opens for someone else,” Bernard said. “We’re ready to do anything and everything we can do to reach more mainstream, and I know the press will be hungry for more to cover if they’re not covering football.

“(Gossage) is aggressive and likes to try these kinds of things.”

While I admire IndyCar’s initiative and foresight, I just don’t see auto racing ever becoming an accepted replacement for prime-time NFL football. Although I would love to watch Ron Jaworski break down race film and hear Jon Gruden go over the top in his praise of the moxie and compete level of individual drivers, as well as cars. “Now THIS CAR. THIS CAR has got it all. And THIS DRIVER sure knows how to OPERATE it by STEERING AND SHIFTING. But if THESE TWO want to win this race in the INDYCAR FOOT—er, RACING LEAGUE, it’s going to require TEAMWORK and they’ll have to step up their PREPARATION and probably make a pit stop or two for more FUEL.”

Or something like that. Still, I don’t see it happening.

If games are lost in NFL lockout, IndyCar might fill void []