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Wake N’ Blog: At Long Last, Proof That Hot Dogs Are Good For You

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• It’s about time the scientific community has caught up with what I have been saying for years: hot dogs are extremely beneficial to your health. Alright, perhaps that’s taking it a step too far, but according to research conducted at Kansas State University, food items like hot dogs, pepperoni and deli meats are better for you than say, a rotisserie chicken, as those tasty morsels of meaty goodness contain less heterocyclic amines, a carcinogenic compound. Now if only some scientist could provide evidence that we should drink more beer, then we would really be in business. [msnbc]

• Another edition of “The Dugout”: 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates spring training. Well, not really, but it features Barry Bonds and it’s superb. [With Leather]

• Oh no he di’int! Orioles manager Buck Showalter ripped Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Today in irony: Tiger’s swing app. [Wei Under Par]

• Why in the holy hell did Rajon Rondo pass up this shot? [Sharapova’s Thigh]

• Are the New York Giants gunning for Mark Ingram? [Rumors & Rants]

• Get well soon, Roy Oswalt’s neck. [Babes Love Baseball]

• Should Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni be on the hot seat? [Outside the Boxscore]

• Holy marathon puddle, Batman! [Bob’s Blitz]

• Here’s video of Novak Djokovic playing tennis on an airplane wing mid-flight. Wait. What? [Ted Williams Head]

• Ah yes, more Ladies of March Madness. Today, Tina from Florida State. [Busted Coverage]

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